Challenges for the European and Belgian Economy in the Aftermath of the Crisis

A conference hosted by the Society for Economic Dynamics and BNP Paribas Fortis (Brussels, July 6, 2011)


16h00 – 16h10

Welcome remarks
Herman Daems, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BNP Paribas Fortis

16h10 – 16h40

Thoughts on the European Fiscal and Financial Crises
Edward Prescott, W. P. Carey Professor of Economics at Arizona State
University, 2004 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics recipient

16h40 – 17h10

Crises of Governments
Robert Barro, Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics, Harvard University

17h10 – 17h40

Markets with Search Friction and the Great Recession
Dale Mortensen, Ida C. Cook Professor of Economics, Northwestern University, 2010 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics recipient

17h40 – 18h10
Coffee break

18h10 – 18h40

What Future for European Labour Markets?
Christopher Pissarides, Norman Sosnow Professor of Economics, London School of Economics, 2010 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics recipient

18h40 – 19h10

Economic Policy Challenges for Belgium
Gert Peersman, Professor of Economics, Ghent University and
Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Associate Professor of Finance, New York University